Hybrid Agile: Best Practices for Building Complex Software


When large organisations build software to support complex business processes the results are often disastrous. The problem is not helped by outdated procurement approaches.

Complex software projects with significant uncertainty are best delivered using Agile methodologies, yet many organisations continue to end up with the Waterfall-style delivery process, driven by traditional fixed-price contracts. Why?

A ‘pure’ Agile approach can create tension with established business processes that impose fixed budgets and delivery times.

With this in mind, we have developed a hybrid agile approach to give clients the speed and flexibility of agile, while still working within managed budgets and time frames.

Hybrid Agile is an approach that can preserve both budgets and competitiveness while also offering better risk management.


By the end of this eBook you will understand:

blue-checkbox How to build complex software projects more efficiently using Hybrid Agile

blue-checkbox How to manage procurement assumptions and project risks while keeping within budget and maintaining competitiveness

blue-checkbox  Best practices for maximising success of your project with Hybrid Agile

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About the Author 

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Adam Lyness

Co-Founder and Business Development Manager 

Adam is an Entrepreneur and Emerging Technology leader who has 15 years’ experience developing and delivering market ready propositions. Through his role with Intranel Consulting Adam enables business partners to accelerate technology delivery using a lean, business driven approach.