The AI-Powered Road Safety Network

An innovative approach to enabling safer roads in New Zealand through Emerging Tech.

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In this whitepaper, we will present an approach for using current technologies to build intelligent road safety networks. We call this SmartSafe Network technology.

SmartSafe works at the infrastructure level and operates with the existing vehicle fleet, delivering a leap forward in road safety at a cost of a few hundred dollars per vehicle, within a 5-year time frame. This is feasible with existing technologies, affordable, and politically tenable.


What's inside?


I. The case for a smart AI-powered safety network

  • Why do we need to do something different
  • So what are the gaps?
  • How to fill these gaps?
  • Why shoud we use AI for road safety?
  • Adaptive Safe Path technology and digital convergence

II. The wait for autonomous vehicles

  • Why build a network into road infrastructure
  • The role of government and manufactureres

III. An AI powered solution

  • SmartSafe - Concept design
  • How AI prevents accidents
  • Human factors
  • The value of data
  • Privacy and social acceptance 
  • Costs and return on investement



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About the author


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Adam Lyness

Co-Founder and Business Development Manager 

Adam is an Entrepreneur and an Emerging Technology leader who has 15 years of experience developing and delivering market-ready propositions. Through his role with Intranel Consulting, Adam enables business partners to accelerate technology delivery using a lean, business driven approach.